How can Group Therapy Benefit me?

Our group therapy services are aimed at providing quality assistance for children and adults managing disabilities and daily health challenges in the following manner:

  • Agape I Care programs and events encourage the participation of groups
  • All individuals engaging in these activities and social events are provided professional assistance
  • We create a relaxed and supportive environment for all persons to participate
  • The purpose of group based programs is to encourage social relationships
Group therapy Outcomes for myself and my carers

With the implementation of disability services Australia, communities can benefit from guided professional assistance. Group therapy encourages participation through social engagement and relaxation. Our professional staff help children aged 4 years and older, including families and adults to build essential skills. Agape I Care staff finds group practices are most beneficial because they facilitate confidence and shared support among peers. Individuals with all levels of ability are supported in every group class.

Services we provide

We offer exceptional and dedicated participant care services.

Our Programs Encourage Skills and Social Development: Group Therapy is led by a certified healthcare practitioner. It is based on the skill level and abilities of the group to produce the most successful results.

It is Combined with Individual Therapies: Participants are encouraged to apply the skills learned during individual therapy in a group setting. The group environment offers a practical and realistic setting within which participants can perform their skills.

Program Versatility: All facility programs are created in support of individual and group healthcare and living needs. The programs cover a variety of subjects from reading and developing important social skills to mastering specific crafts.

Peer Encouragement and Individual Motivation: Individuals who partake in group programs perform better and are supported by their peers. Role model behaviour allows students to watch one

Learning to Manage Your Fears, Anger and Frustration
  • If you find it increasingly difficult to communicate or explain to those closest to you what you need, it is time to find supportive serve solutions.
  • If you become easily frustrated and angered with an inability to manage a task, we can assist in the necessary support.
  • If you find it difficult to deal with sensory stimulation and input, call on Agape I Care for supportive solutions.

We offer individualized and group therapy for our clients and their families. Every step is taken to explore the reasons for frustrations and difficulties and how to manage and overcome daily challenges. From communication to performing basic tasks, our professional and trained staff will help you can a sense of control and independence.

The NDIS Service provider uses the following funding phrases as payment for services:

  • The provision of support to develop communication skills
  • The provision of support to develop lasting relationships
Our Services include

We are dedicated to delivering a high standard and quality of service in every participant and professional undertaking. Our participants can benefit from:

Safe environment for learning: We take pride in creating a professional and safe learning environment for all.

Focused Therapies: Practical workshops are created to complement and support the needs of individuals in a group application.

Access to Professional Practitioners: All groups are provided assistance from experts in the healthcare industry including physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists among others.

Supportive Service Solutions: From transport to the arrangement of programs, we offer support for all groups and individuals.

Available Group Therapy Classes

Our professionally oriented group therapy is created for the benefit of children, adolescents and adults. With specialized disability accommodation in NSW participants can stay overnight at the facility while participating in the exciting and skill building therapies held on-site.

Group Therapies Extend to:

  • Sydney and the surrounding locations
  • The development of social and practical skills for children and adults in major service areas
  • Techniques for managing mealtimes with caregivers and families
  • Specialized skill development in young children