Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We focus on the provision of supported accommodation for people with disabilities. Our fully equipped and modified housing, caring staff, learning programs makes the assisted living in Sydney possible and help challenged people to live independently. Our services encourage:
  • Independent styles of living
  • Participation in programs to encourage, support and shape skill development
  • Social and Community Participation
  • Finding and Maintaining Friendship
Services we provide

Our Services include Economical and Supportive Shared Accommodation:

  • Participants contribute to the costs for rent, groceries, utilities, and specialized medical transport.
Independent Housing

With our disability services participants can benefit from independent living in secure and equipped independent housing. With certified nursing staff, individuals can continue to live independently but with access to adequate support e.g house hold task assistance.

Participants contribute to the costs for rent, groceries, utilities, and specialized medical transport.

Assisted Living

For adults managing disabilities, we provide assisted living in Sydney where we offer guided and professional support. We can assist in promoting longevity and independence in a monitored and secure environment. Agape I Care takes pride in supporting adults essential skills to manage daily challenges and build lasting social and community support systems.

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Assisted Living Services:

  • Support with regular shopping tasks
  • Community travel, engagement and transport for medical appointments
Independent Living
We provide the following services to encourage independent living:

  • Education, career, and independent in-home abilities in the promotion of living environments
  • We support you to enhance your life skills
  • We support you to learn skills to create and maintain relationships
  • We support you to communicate effectively
  • Transport to appointments e.g medical, shopping

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What our Participants can expect

Agape I Care invests in maintaining the safety, integrity and the care of every participant. We provide for our customer expectations in the following ways:

Individualized Plans and Programs
  • Support for the unique needs of individuals at our facility
  • Individually focused therapy
  • Individually focused activities and skills training
  • Assess participant progress and reviewing goals
Our Program Resources:
  • Support for optimum and safe partaking in events held on-site and in the community
  • Professional assistance including certified nurses, trainers and guidance professionals
  • Therapy offered for singles and groups
  • Service accessibility owing to professional medical assistance and transport solutions
  • Support for independent living on-site and in the homes of participants
  • Activities for multiple participants, social engagement and network expansion
Professional and Experienced Practitioners Readily Available:
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Behavioural Experts
Comprehensive Support Services:
  • Our support services help individuals with consuming meals
  • We make medical assistance readily accessible
  • Modified housing, community events and professional staff guide and support persons with disabilities and general healthcare needs
Service Accessibility

We provide in-home services to aid participants in living independently and safely

How and Where these Services are Accessible

Our assisted living services extend to Sydney Metropolitan. We provide accommodation services 24 hours daily and 7 days per week.

Financial Support and Resources

With NDIS service providers we have created a strict policy stipulation and standards according to which participants must adhere for accommodation (independent and shared housing) purchases:

  • Services provide essential round the clock support for home, work and community engagement
  • Improved living skills
  • Improved living standards
  • Resources provided to live independently and safely with disabilities and health challenges