Innov Community Participation

If you are interested in reaching effective community participation and expand your social relationships or wish to engage in with your peers but do not have the skills, we can help you. Agape I Care offers effective community challenges and participation programs for all interested children and adults with disabilities.

With NDIS service providers the following terms are incorporated o settle payments for services:

  • Education, career, and independent in-home living environments
  • We can enhance your life skills
  • We can support the abilities needed to form sound relationships
  • We support effective communication
  • Medical transport

We provide exciting and safe transport and excursions for both children and adolescents managing disabilities. Our breaks and outings encourage:

  • Confidence and Independence
  • Social skill development
  • Building friendly trusting relationships with peers
  • To explore new sights and surrounds
  • To provide both the participant and the carer some time apart for relaxation

With innov community participation, youngsters can experience new things and learn how to strengthen relationships and build essential skills. We provide caretakers a much needed time out from the round the clock monitoring that many participants require.

You can call at 0435 642 626 & speak one of our expert team members to inquire about Innov community participation.

NDIS registered providers make it possible to offer safe outings and club participation based on specific age groups and personal interests. We have developed personal outings to ensure our participants simply have a good time while learning how to improve their confidence and independence.


Agape I Care offers accommodation. Individuals who feel stressed, burdened or over-worked can experience relaxing breaks at the centre. You can depend on our professional staff while participating in the many fun and engaging opportunities made available at the facility. Agape I Care is an approved NDIS specialist in disability accommodation.

What our Participants can expect

Individualized Service
  • Personalized plans based on individual needs
  • Professional support to understand programs and facility systems
  • Structured support to complement specific participant requirements
We adopt an innovative and proactive approach:
  • We assess whether participant performance objectives are achieved

Get more information about our disability services and innov community participation. Call at Tel : (02)7806 9837
send us an email at

Certified Staff and Expertise in:
  • Creating supportive resources
  • Providing medical and support services by relevant practitioners
Innovative Support Solutions
  • Assistance for participants in essential skill development and independent living
Service Accessibility
  • Support for managing self-care
  • We deliver travel solutions and medical assistance where needed
  • Assistance to partake in community events and programs
Financial Support and Resources

NDIS registered providers have incorporated the following policy requirements when looking to pay for required services:

  • We offer support to attend work, educational interests and outings
  • Excursions and activities are aimed at enhancing relationships and communication
  • We encourage social participation in the community and facility events
  • Increased confidence and communication helps make better life decisions

Participants from another state or exclusive Australian government funding can contact us for more options.