At our respite facility, we make independent living possible with housing accommodation. Programs are run continuously and upgraded on a routine basis to ensure they comply with professional practices and remain relevant. With effective plan management assistance offers various activities for children and adults experiencing limitations to perform.

Our approach is one of care, dedication and responsible practice. With specialized disability accommodation communities can benefit from our respite’s short and medium term options.

Our professional staff take time to learn about individual needs in order to advise on suitable services. With specialized disability accommodation participants are provided effective management solutions.

Short-Term Accommodation for Adults with Disabilities

To stay overnight or for a few days, we provide respite facilities. With assist travel transport participants are offered reliable support to reach the care centre. Qualified personnel help adults partake in the events and engaging activities held throughout the year.

With access to professional nursing care facilities, we offer accommodation for disabled adults. Houses designed to support individuals with challenges can provide relaxation and a break from the regular routines of home. A variety of events are held at the facility. For community services Australia, we extend our activities to encourage participation.

Accommodation is also available for all adults who have received surgical interventions and need to recover in a supportive housing facility away from a conventional hospital.

Extended Accommodation for Adults

For recovery or a break, with our community nursing care residents can benefit from extended accommodation based on individual cases and requirements.

Day Care During School holidays

When children are on their school holidays with our disability service providers, Agape I Care offers services to give them peace of mind and give children a safe environment during the school holidays, our staff provide endless activities offer the ideal solution for kids on vacation. Our programs are expertly prepared, encouraging confidence, social skill and communication development. We encourage children and their friends to partake in the centre activities.

Please visit our events page to learn more about the services that we have available for the school holidays aftercare and respite accommodation for adults. Please schedule your stay well in advance by consulting with our friendly and certified staff.

Specialist Supported Living

For both children and adults living with disabilities, family and nursing care is available. Agape I Care offers 24-hour based support to cater for needs of young and mature participants at the facility