Recreational Activities

Agape I Care is your trusted social development and recreational expert offering support and guidance for those participating in our recreational events.

Our belief is that all persons regardless of physical ability, age or background should have the opportunity to partake in practical workshops, exciting activities and guided camps that facilitate healthy development, confidence and peer relationships among group members.

Whether you wish to participate in interesting group activities or feel more comfortable completing tasks on your own, we can make it happen with professional support and ongoing care.

Please visit Agape I Care’s events page to learn of our upcoming events and age-appropriate activities. We cater to the needs of adults and children facing disability and everyday challenges to simply relax and have fun in excursions and safe workshops.

Services we offer

As leaders among the NDIS approved service providers in recreational events and social and community participation, we offer the following services to :

Arts & Crafts

We introduce participants to hobbies involving contemporary art, music and audio creations.


We incorporate culturally relevant factors and features in every event.


Rejuvenate and relax at our incredible facilities allowing you to unwind and take a break.

Support for Families

Our professional nurses and modern facilities offer families ongoing guidance and support. We help you effectively manage the needs of loved ones with disabilities including respite care services.

Children’s Activities (camping and holidays)

Our programs are created for the needs of children to partake in educational, engaging and fun activities during the school term break.

What Makes Us Unique

  • We are trusted leaders in providing incredible support for people with disability
  • Our professional teams possess the certification, skill and years of experience in safely managing individual and group requirements.
  • Our solutions are versatile and thoroughly researched for safe and practical events and client care.

We deliver the highest standards of service to address the challenges and potential limitations of communities and in-house clients managing disabilities.