Positive Behaviour Support

We at Agape I Care address the complex and basic requirements of our participants in a safe environment. Agape I Care has a specialized proactive team to who work hand in hand to achieve the participant’s goals

Agape I Care is committed to support children and adults with disabilities to ensure their human rights and standards of disabilities are upheld. We at Agape I Care use Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) with emphases on increasing a participant’s quality of life and reducing the frequency and severity of their behaviour of concern.

Our expertise is owed to a diverse group of professionals and clinical practitioners who are dedicated to providing well-researched and contemporary behavioural support and modification solutions. Our approach incorporates PBS or positive behavioural support with the goal of improving living standards and managing restricting behaviours that affect quality of life.

Through positive and proactive approach, we work to encourage favourable behaviour and decrease those behaviours that are of concern. Our positive approach assists in strengthening desired responses through a structured and safe learning approach. It is our goal to initiate positive change to improve familial relationships. Our aim is to anticipate before things go wrong and preventing them from occurring, rather than just reaction when things go wrong.

Why Choose Agape I Care

  • We are an NDIS registered provider who provide services for people with disability. Our experienced and certified personnel are equipped to create thoroughly researched and well constructed plans to manage and intervene in problem, complex behaviours.
  • Specialized staff invests in a comprehensive approach to well-being and create individualized plans and solutions for participants and their families.
  • Our expertise extends to managing Alzheimer, Autism, injury to the brain, and both physical and communicative disorders.
  • Our tried and tested interventions have proven effective and practical for individuals and organisations. This ensures the appropriate tools are applied and all parties are provided the necessary supports.
  • We make assessments to know the goals of a participants and through our team which include support workers, we deliver the best possible supportive solutions and intervention.

Promise to Our Participants

We will assign the relevant professional team to address the needs of children or adults presenting with complex behaviours incorporating the following approach:

  • Our goal is to create an effective behavioural support plan to facilitate balanced communication, strengthened relationships, and ways of coping with various limitations.
  • We investigate the underlying causes for negative behaviours. Our staff work with participants and their support network to create a support plan and behaviour management plan to encourage positive change and constructive behaviours.