Our Promise to Participants

Our Safety Standards

All personnel employed by Agape I Care are required to undergo assessment and background checks into their authenticity and relevant educational certification, training and practical experience.

With the assistance of NDIS approved service providers, we adhere to Australian regulatory standards to rely on only fully qualified and expert staff. We provide staff with ongoing training and education to remain aware and knowledgeable of the latest practices in the field.

Agape I Care invests in the highest safety standards for the responsible care of all participants and visitors on our premises. From modified housing to certified community nursing services, we invest in competent staff and supportive environments for those needing a break or facing physical and mental healthcare challenges.

We are Here for You

We love to hear from you. Based upon investigative practices and assessments, we utilize feedback to improve upon our service solutions and the quality of our standards across our provided services and infrastructure. Please feel free to provide us with feedback concerning our services so we can continue to enhance and advance our practices for all children and adolescents facing daily challenges.

Your Involvement

Participants of Agape I Care are encouraged to keep us updated of changes in individual living arrangements and requirements. Please alert us to the following changes:

  • Changes in personal information including physical address
  • Bookings for Specific Services

How to help us

    To continue to deliver effective and efficient services we request that participants provide us with the personal care apparatus or mobility supports needed for comfort and safety.
  • Adhere to our policy practices and stipulated terms of service
  • Remain courteous and considerate of peers and professional personnel


It is our duty to maintain private practices and the confidentiality of participant information. Agape I Care ensures that all personal details are handled with the utmost care and certainty to prevent participant breaches and mismanagement.

Please See Our Privacy Policy on Our Website

Achieving your Goals is what we work towards

It is our goal to create collaborative relationships with our participants. Based on individual assessments, we can create specific standards according to which our staff will adhere. Every resource and supportive effort is aimed at assisting every participant in achieving personal objectives and their fullest potential.

Service Agreement with us

The Agape I Care agreement is a supportive policy document detailing our services and participant agreement to our terms of service.

Our Terms of Service includes but is not limited to:

  • Our agreement is associated with the period of services received at the centre and community initiatives as operated by Agape I Care. Participants must settle outstanding payments in a timely manner and consider options for refunds according to our cancelation terms.
  • We provide an extensive range of services for all communities partaking in our programs. You create a membership with us but you have the right to cancel your membership and services as necessary.
  • We can deliver additional support services at a minimum fee.
  • We consider the application and processing dates and times as issued by the NDIS. Applications or membership terms cannot be changed after the stipulated dates.

Service Payment Options

  • All Agape I Care members are obligated to pay for the services rendered. All payments and cancelation terms are associated with our cancelation policy.
  • With our contemporary NDIS monitoring services, we can assess your expenditure.
  • Payment invoices and service statements are posted or emailed according to preference.
  • To resolve NDIA queries, our professional personnel only serve as guides. You must contact the relevant authorities to resolve issues.