Household Tasks Assistance – Sydney

Our on-site facilities have been created in support of children and adults living with physical and mental disability. We deliver professional services for persons with disabilities to encourage:

  • Safe, secure and independent living
  • Community participation
  • Support in daily chores and meal preparation
  • Medical transportation and support when attending community events and seeking specific services
  • Obtain support for overnight accommodation and needs
  • Assistance creating friendships and attending social gatherings

With the availability of our NDIS specialist disability accommodation and professional staff to provide household tasks assistance in Sydney, we strive to encourage safe living and independent living for as long as possible. Our professional team assesses risks and determines the supportive resources that participants need to advance in their communities and private lives.

We offer breaks for caretakers by providing respite services for disabled adults and children.

Services we provide

Agape I Care possesses an incredibly reliable and professional team. Our dedicated staff offer the following support services: We deliver in-home services as a means of professional support for those managing daily physical and mental challenges.


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Support Services In-Home:

Our professional staff are knowledgeable in delivering comprehensive household tasks assistance in Sydney including but not limited to:

  • Basic care solutions apart from the assistance of an in-home carer
  • Overnight assistance for participants including awake night care
  • Support to perform basic living tasks, participate in community events and recreation
  • Support for safe cooking
  • Support for household chores
Support Services for Community participation

For participants managing daily limitations, getting around can be incredibly hard. We provide medical transport services to support mobility and independence outside of the home. When leaving home, our professional caretakers help with:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Participation in community programs and events
  • Provide reliable and responsible assistance in attendance of watching movies, concerts and major events
  • Take participants to their clinical appointments on time
  • Assist with accessing recreational activities and hobbies
What our Participants can expect

Agape I Care provides effective and personalized participant solutions based on high service standards and guaranteed professional practices:


Want to know more about household tasks assistance in Sydney. Call at (02)7806 9837.

Individualized Services
Individualized Plans and Programs
  • Support for the unique needs of individuals at our facility
  • Individually focused therapy
  • Individually focused activities and skills training
  • Assess Individual Progression and Participant Objectives
  • Certified and Professional Team
    • We provide access to practitioners from different backgrounds and expertise
    Service Support and Accessibility
    • Resources in support of independent living
    • The provision of supportive services as determined by the participant
    • Transport and support to participate in major community events and activities

    Want to know more about household tasks assistance in Sydney. Call at (02)7806 9837.

    Our services extend to Sydney and surrounds. We provide support services for independent living 24 hours daily and 7 days per week.

    Financial Support and Resources

    NDIS registered providers provide the details of our funding schemes and financial resources to continue to deliver a high standard of services for all participants. The following policy factors influence the rent and purchase of accommodation on-site and in-home services.

    • We deliver support for participation in community events
    • We deliver support for safe in-home living
    • We support strengthened networking and social relationships
    • We create safe living environments on-site and independently

    Our professionals will determine which types of funds you are entitled to. This includes persons living out of state or relying on Australian government funding.