NDIS Registered Providers – Assistance with Daily Living

Our expertly created and engaging programs encourage people living with disabilities to develop essential skills and abilities in:
  • Personal Care
  • Social and Community Participation
  • Travelling Preparation
  • Time management and Organisation skills
  • Improving Independence
  • Across Basic and Advanced Activities
  • Food Preparation
  • Basic Financial Management

NDIS registered providers work with every participant to determine their needs and recommend complementary skills development programs. Our goal is to encourage independence, safe living and the ability to live a fulfilled quality of life across disabilities.

Within professional nursing facilities, our highly experienced and friendly staff encourage each person to fully participate in programs of interest that will enhance their awareness, knowledge and abilities from travel to meal preparation.

With our disability support, Sydney participants can partake in skill building programs on-site in groups or with a single staff member.


For more information, give us a call at 0435 642 626
send us all your queries on enquiries@agapeicare.org.au

Service we provide

We possess highly skilled, competent, reliable and expert personnel. Our qualified staff are readily available to assist all mentally and physically challenged persons to develop their full potential and capabilities. We offer the following support services: Developing Individual Capabilities, Skills and Potential

NDIS registered providers create approved and engaging activities and structured educational programs for all participants. Our activities include a practical element where participants are guided and encouraged to apply their newly acquired skills in a safe and controlled setting. Our goal is to develop a sense of confidence and competence to perform these learned actions independently.


Contact NDIS registered plan management provider for the assisted living in Sydney!

Agape I Care Offers the Following Group activities:

1. Group events are carefully monitored and supported by our certified staff. We run programs in meal preparation, sporting activities, and various hobbies that all participants can enjoy during their stay.

2. With professional community services, we extend our support for all participants and encourage participation in community events.

3. Our workshops not only teach independent living and social skills but also motivation and confidence building.

Home-Based Services

Community nursing in Australia allows our professional team to visit individuals in the comfort of their homes where they are taught specific skills and techniques to perform basic duties and take the necessary safety precautions.

What our Participants can expect

Agape I Care is a highly professional and certified NDIS Provider. We take pride in assuring exceptional service standards and the utmost participant care.

Individualized Plans and Programs
  • Support for the unique needs of individuals at our facility
  • Individually focused therapy
  • Individually focused activities and skills training
Our Program Resources:
  • Support for optimum and safe partaking in events held on-site and in the community
  • Professional assistance including certified nurses, trainers and guidance professionals
  • Therapy offered for singles and groups
  • Service accessibility owing to professional medical assistance and transport solutions
  • Support for independent living on-site and in the homes of participants
  • Activities for multiple participants, social engagement and network expansion
How & Where These Services are Accessible

Agape I Care delivers services and resources weekly. We service various locations in Australia and its surrounds. We can assist those requiring our professionally supported services across Sydney metropolitan and more. Please contact our friendly staff to determine services in your area.

Financial Support and Resources

NDIS approved service providers have invested in a comprehensive and sound protective policy to continue to fund our basic skills training and social services. We offer our participants the following services at fair rates including accommodation and on-site events:

  • Professional staff support for in-home and on-site participation in events and training
  • Learning invaluable social skills
  • Networking and building friendships
  • Supported community participation