Aboriginal and Strait Islander Associations

It is our duty to manage the authentic and cultural associations native to Australia. Agape I Care acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land in each of the communities we work within. We pay respect to their Elders, past and present.

It is our sole purpose to address the needs of disabled and native communities requiring care and assistance. By creating trusting and authentic partnerships with our local communities, we are better equipped to address both individual and group needs in a respectful and mindful manner. We integrate persons into the community and offer comprehensive serve solutions in accordance with cultural standards and interests.

How to Get Involved

As an NDIS service provider our goal is to extend our skill development and job creation services. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island and initiatives have focused on integrating culturally enriched persons with the abilities required. Our future goal is to offer employment for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities including:

  • Ease of access to a personnel network for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people.
  • We offer NAIDOC support including the provision of cultural leave.
  • We motivate all personnel to partake in the week of reconciliation.
  • Our program focuses on reconciliation and relevant action plan implementation.

Who We Partner With

For the carers, families and disabled children and adults within the Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal communities, Agape I Care offers comprehensive and supportive service solutions. In the NSW and surrounding metropolis we have developed a multitude of programs in support of Strait Island and Aboriginal people. Our programs have been created in accordance with prominent Aboriginal and Strait Island elders for cultural relevancy and the maintenance of values.

Detailed Reconciliation Plans

Agape I Care has focused on the introduction of action plans to strengthen its connections with Strait Island and Aboriginal communities. Enhancing our skill creation programs aims to improve employment opportunities for native persons.

Our reconciliation action plan aims to assess and carefully measure our community initiatives for ongoing advancement and successful results. It helps us determine where gaps are present and ways of restoring reconciliation.

Agape I Care emphasizes the importance of building reputable and supportive relationships with businesses and professional bodies vested in the Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal cultures. By investing in cultural enrichment and the integration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, it is our purpose to support the diverse practices and economical development of Australia.