Agape I Care is an organisation founded on Christian Values To Provide Disability Services in Australia.

We focus on the provision of fully equipped and modified housing in support of people living with disabilities. Our services encourage:
  • Independent styles of living
  • Participation in programs to encourage, support and shape skill development
  • Social and Community Participation
  • Finding and Maintaining Friendship
  • Development-life skills
Services we provide

Our Services include Economical and Supportive Shared Accommodation:

  • Participants contribute to the costs for rent, groceries, utilities, and specialized medical transport.
Independent Housing

With our disability services in Sydney, participants can benefit from independent living in secure and equipped independent housing.

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Our Services

We provide a range of disability services in Australia that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our services are person centred ensuring you receive support you deserve. We work with your strengths, values and goals, whatever they may be. Our model of support puts you at the centre of the service that you receive.

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At whatever stage of life you’re at, Agape I Care can help you achieve your life goals. Whether you want to be independent and learn to cook a nutritious meal, or develop confidence in social and public places, we have a program for you.
Agape I Care offers two types of living support: independent living and group accommodation. If you’re not sure what type of accommodation is best for you, our friendly staff will help you work out what you need.
Learn new skills and build and maintain friendships through one of our community programs. Participants have options to join in a leisure activity or participate in sport. Our friendly staff will help you work out what you need.
We all know sometimes school or work can be stressful, I such cases feel free to talk to us. We will help you make the exciting and sometimes challenging transition from school to work or further study.
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How We Maintain Client Standards

Individualized Services
Individualized Plans and Programs
  • Support for the unique needs of individuals at our facility
  • Individually focused therapy
  • Individually focused activities and skills training
  • Assess Individual Progression and Client Objectives
Our Program Resources:
  • Support for optimum and safe partaking in events held on-site and in the community
  • Professional assistance including certified nurses, trainers and guidance professionals
  • Therapy offered for singles and groups
  • Service accessibility owing to professional medical assistance and transport solutions
  • Support for independent living on-site and in the homes of clients
  • Activities for multiple participants, social engagement and network expansion

How you can support us

Whether it’s making a monthly donation or single gift, taking part in an event or becoming a corporate partner, your support is vital in changing the lives of people with disability.

Interested in new partnerships?

AGAPE can help your business meet its corporate social responsibilities in exciting and meaningful in ways that can achieve your company objectives ...

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Why I choose Agape I Care

Aboriginal and Strait Islander Associations It is our duty to manage the authentic and cultural associations native to Australia. Agape I Care acknowledges ...

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